Rig Inspection


ASIATIC ENERGY takes pride in its commitment to excellence, showcasing a suite of proven Inspection and Audit programs meticulously designed to align with the diverse inspection services offered by the ASIATIC ENERGY Group. Our methodology is a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality, encompassing the following key elements :

Thorough Verification: We leave no stone unturned, ensuring a comprehensive validation process.

Detailed Inspections: Our inspectors delve into the minutiae, conducting thorough examinations for a comprehensive understanding.

Testing: Rigorous testing protocols are implemented to guarantee the integrity of equipment and processes.

Reporting: Transparent and detailed reporting ensures clients have a clear overview of the inspection outcomes.

Remedial Work: Any identified issues are promptly addressed through meticulous remedial measures.

Ongoing Training: Our commitment extends beyond inspections, with continuous training programs to stay abreast of evolving industry standards.

Process Management: Efficient and effective process management is at the core of our inspection methodology.

Associated Software: Cutting-edge software supplements our inspections, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.

Clients partnering with ASIATIC ENERGY gain the assurance that their critical equipment and methodologies are not just compliant with international standards, including API, Classification, and National Standards, but are also optimized for peak operational performance.

Furthermore, ASIATIC ENERGY seamlessly integrates the wealth of data generated throughout the lifecycle of our services into a client's broader strategy. This includes audits, maintenance plans, and ongoing inspection strategies, providing a holistic approach to asset management.


ASIATIC ENERGY Group stands as the industry leader in delivering 3rd Party Rig Inspections and Hazardous Area Inspections. The demand for our services remains consistently high, with clients repeatedly choosing ASIATIC ENERGY for their inspection needs.

Our technicians and inspectors boast unparalleled knowledge, ensuring that inspections are conducted at the pinnacle of industry standards. ASIATIC ENERGY Group tailors inspections to align with the company's overarching strategy and the relevant jurisdictional requirements.

Audits, a pivotal facet of our service portfolio, are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. Our approach is methodical, taking into account the client's policies, regulations, standards, best practices, and manufacturers' recommendations. At ASIATIC ENERGY, we go beyond mere compliance; we strive for excellence in every inspection and audit, contributing to the overall success and safety of our clients' operations.